Growler Tags: Designs, Styles, and Examples

Beer cans and bottles aren’t the only containers that need to look good for your customers. Growler tags play an important dual role; showcasing your brand and providing key information. Hang tags should be treated with just as much love and care as any other beer labeling. As a digital printing business, we have a few ideas of how you can create outstanding hang tags for your growlers.
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Image of a beer bottle design by a beer label designer.

Where Can I Find a Beer Label Designer?

Even a good beer can fail if nobody buys it. The craft beer market is growing rapidly, with global data company Nielsen citing that craft sales are up more than 65 percent in the past five years. If you want a nice piece of that multi-billion-dollar pie, you need to make sure your product stands out in a very competitive crowd.

Your beer label is going to be the first thing shoppers will see, so you need to attract their eyes before you can convince their taste buds to go on a second date. A professional beer label designer can create a label that not only sticks out on shelves, but also allows you to tell a story about the beer that you’ve lovingly crafted.
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What You Need to Know About Label Adhesives

The most important part of a label is what is underneath it, the adhesive. Underrated and often forgotten, beverage label adhesives will absolutely make or break your label. Dramatic? Maybe. Wrong? No way. We want to make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into when it comes to customizing your beverage label, and that begins with the all-too-essential sticky stuff.

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5 Show-Stopping Custom Beer Cans (Just in Time for Summer)

Summer is around the corner, which means patio sessions and ice-cold cans of your favorite beer. These 5 show-stopping examples of beer packaging are summer-ready and totally Instagram-worthy. Check ‘em out!

Nothing says summer like a can of your favorite beer. But what makes a beer can label truly summer-ready? Here are five of our favorites to get you pumped for the summer sun.

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Short Run Labels. Long-Term Relationship.

As we all know, commitment can be intimidating. No one likes being stuck in a bad relationship, and a partnership with the wrong label company is a lot of time and money invested with very little room for moving and shaking. Over time, minds change, budgets shift, and art varies, so flexibility is key. You need a low-cost, low-maintenance printing option with maximum benefits. Short run labels are a forever kind of love, and a major plus in the world of ever-improving products, expanding product lines, and rapidly changing business plans. They save you money. They save you time. And they give you complete control of quality (and quantity).

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Unique Beer Labels That Stand Out from the Competition

When it comes to beer, everyone has a favorite. But what does it take for you to step out of your norm and try something new? A recommendation from a friend? A discounted price? Science says it’s all in the label. In fact, there is a heavy correlation between your fixation duration and product selection when it comes to beer. So how do you make your label stand out? That’s where Blue Label comes in.

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What it Takes to Create a Custom Product Label

Whether it be labels for beer, ejuice or salsa, producing a custom product label is a complex process. From file errors to material mistakes to winding the labels the wrong direction, each project requires an extreme attention to detail. Blue Label’s process ensures your satisfaction the first time. We are dedicated to doing the job right, and doing it fast. Here’s a behind the scenes look at the steps required to efficiently produce high quality custom labels.

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10 Beautiful Label Designs and the Designers Behind Them

Beer labels, crowler cans, and wine bottles, oh my! Standing out amongst the competition is an art in itself. Conveying your brand’s message while grabbing your consumer’s attention can be tricky. Specialties like hot foil stamping and embossing certainly catch the eye, but nothing competes with an amazing original design combined with quality label printing. Check out some of our favorites below.
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