Image of a beer bottle design by a beer label designer.

Where Can I Find a Beer Label Designer?

Even a good beer can fail if nobody buys it. The craft beer market is growing rapidly, with global data company Nielsen citing that craft sales are up more than 65 percent in the past five years. If you want a nice piece of that multi-billion-dollar pie, you need to make sure your product stands out in a very competitive crowd.

Your beer label is going to be the first thing shoppers will see, so you need to attract their eyes before you can convince their taste buds to go on a second date. A professional beer label designer can create a label that not only sticks out on shelves, but also allows you to tell a story about the beer that you’ve lovingly crafted.
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5 Show-Stopping Custom Beer Cans (Just in Time for Summer)

Summer is around the corner, which means patio sessions and ice-cold cans of your favorite beer. These 5 show-stopping examples of beer packaging are summer-ready and totally Instagram-worthy. Check ‘em out!

Nothing says summer like a can of your favorite beer. But what makes a beer can label truly summer-ready? Here are five of our favorites to get you pumped for the summer sun.

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8 Steps to Great Label Design: Part 2

A while back, we talked about label design with a quality designer about the secrets behind her process. To add to the expert insight, we recently chatted with Jack Muldowney, a Chicago-based designer listed in our Designer Directory, who was gracious enough to share his thoughts on the subject. Here some of his secrets (eight, to be exact) to creating a great label design:

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Short Run Labels. Long-Term Relationship.

As we all know, commitment can be intimidating. No one likes being stuck in a bad relationship, and a partnership with the wrong label company is a lot of time and money invested with very little room for moving and shaking. Over time, minds change, budgets shift, and art varies, so flexibility is key. You need a low-cost, low-maintenance printing option with maximum benefits. Short run labels are a forever kind of love, and a major plus in the world of ever-improving products, expanding product lines, and rapidly changing business plans. They save you money. They save you time. And they give you complete control of quality (and quantity).

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5 Ways Product Label Design is an Art in Itself

Coming up with the perfect label design is a challenge in itself. We get it. That’s why, along with quality printing, we provide a directory of Blue Label Approved Designers that have the experience you’re looking for. When it comes to designing a product label, there are things to consider that, perhaps, not just any designer can do. We’ll explore why product label design is its own art form.
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Not Your Grandma’s Wine Label

Grandma taught you a lot about life, undoubtedly: The Golden Rule, the value of a dollar, and the importance of a home cooked meal for one. All of those lessons are truly timeless and have probably helped you in a number of ways. What’s not timeless? Grandma’s design taste.

How to you keep up with increased demand for wine and make sure your wine stands out? Your best bet is a modern, high quality wine label. That’s right, Grandma’s wine labels are old news. Here’s how to stay ahead of the game.
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Why Embossed Labels Are a Game Changer

Give your product a finely crafted, premium flair with custom embossed labels from Blue Label Digital. Our HP Indigo WS6600 and WS6800 digital presses allow us to print the highest quality labels in the industry without sluggish turn around times. Our top of the line ABG finishing lines allow us to add hot foil stamping, spot varnishes, and, of course, embossing. So why is embossing with Blue Label is such a game changer? Let us explain.
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