E-Liquid / E-Juice Bottle Labels

E-liquid vape bottlesTastes are changing. Consumers no longer settle for big brands with bargain prices and little selection. Across the board, people want quality, craftsmanship, and variety from the products they use. The e-juice industry is no different. When it comes to the rapidly growing e-liquid industry, companies are constantly creating new flavors and introducing higher quality products. Innovation and craftsmanship are growing the demand for e-liquids faster than anyone could have predicted. This has been great for consumers, but it also means the market is getting more competitive.

With this growing competition, it’s more important than ever that your product stands out. The best way to set yourself apart is by creating a great product, but it’s also important that your e-liquids stand out on the shelf. From bottle color to shape and size to label design, every detail matters when it comes to a great looking package for your e-cigarettes. That’s where we can help.

E-Liquid Bottles and the Benefits of Digital Printing

Blue Label Digital Printing serves dozens of e-liquid producers and vape shops, like The Simple Vapor Company. You’ve worked hard to craft your product, and it deserves a great looking label. From metallic design elements, to foil stamping, to textured papers, we’ll work with you to create the stand out e-liquid label your product deserves.

We offer a variety of materials, including waterproof synthetics to withstand the elements and textured papers to help premium products stand out. We stock over 1,000 different dies and have numerous options for the small label sizes necessary for e-liquid bottles. Since there are no plates, you can add as many versions of your label as you need to, all for combined quantity pricing. Our HP Indigo printing presses allow us to create 98% of Pantone colors without the need for costly custom spot colors or ink fees.

Why Blue Label?

We don’t have minimums or version charges, so you can mix and match as many flavors as you want in one order. Our 3 to 5 day turnarounds are unmatched in the industry, allowing you to order exactly what you need, when you need it. This lets you introduce new flavors without having to buy costly plates. Our HP Indigo presses produce offset quality printing, digitally, so small type and matching color isn’t an issue. We also offer hot foil stamping and embossing to differentiate your label even more.

What we’re saying is, we’ve got the resources to create the highest quality labels, and you’ve got products that deserve them. But enough about us. Give us a call or ask a question so we can get started on your e-juice label project today.