Food Labels

The specialty food market has a need for diverse packaging and labeling. Food labels need to do a complex job of attracting a customer’s eye, informing them about the product, and enticing them to pick up the package. Custom digital labels offer many options for your packaging needs. The end-use of the label must be considered since food packaging often needs to stand up to heat, cold and moisture. Labels must also meet certain FDA guidelines.

Wine, Beer and Liquor Labels

The wine, beer and liquor market is competitive, often times with the label being the deciding factor in a customer’s decision. A creative, well designed, colorful label will attract attention and inform the customer.

Paper labels with different coatings and textures create a high quality feel, while finishes give the labels strength against moisture and cold temperatures.

Beverage Labels

Beverage labels cover a broad spectrum of products, from bottled water to canned soft drinks and energy drinks. A high quality label will make your product stand out on the shelf, and attract customer attention. Clear and paper labels are commonly chosen, using materials that can to stand up to moisture and cold temperatures.

Custom Designs

Blue Label Digital can help you design the perfect label and provide the right materials to meet your needs.

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