health beauty label printing

Consumer trust is absolutely critical to the success of a health and beauty brand. Your customers expect you to pay attention to every single detail when it comes to the products they’ll be using, and your packaging has to reflect that through precise design and excellent performance. If your labels aren’t a consistent color or are falling off the containers, it signals that the product inside might be just as sloppy.

Digital printing is a great tool to provide the high quality your customers (and you) deserve, for small to medium health and beauty brands.

Not sure where to start with your product labels? Learn how we can help.

Seamlessly Expand your Product Line

Successful health and beauty brands rely on innovation. There are new seasonal products to release, new ingredients to test, limited edition releases, and on and on. Since digital printing doesn’t have minimums or plates, you can produce new designs for very little additional cost. When introducing a product, you can start small and scale upwards as the market responds.

Blue Label offers press proofing for only $30, so you can see exactly what your new product looks like before going ahead with an entire production run. This means no surprises when you get your box of printed labels on the roll. Not to mention that our 3 to 5 day turnaround means you’ll have your new labels and get your product to market as possible.

Match Packaging Across Mediums

A typical health and beauty brand has a range of products, from bar soaps and salves to lotion and balm. Every health and beauty product needs it’s own unique packaging solution. A bar soap might use a light carton, a balm could use a tube, a pomade is usually in a tin, etc. Some of these packages use labels, others use screen-printing or offset printed paper. How can you make sure your branding is consistent across multiple packaging types? Well digital can help.

With HP Indigo technology, Blue Label is able to match around 99% of colors in the Pantone spectrum. With our technology, we’re able to take sample of existing packaging and match your labels to them, ensuring brand consistency across every packaging material. We can also recreate specific spot colors upon request. You want customers to be able to pick out your packaging across the store, and eye-catching packaging is the way to make that happen.

Decorating Techniques to Create Stand Out Packages

It’s no secret that premium health and beauty brands invest heavily in their packaging to convey their high quality level. The good news is premium labels are in reach for small and medium size brands. With our hot foil stamping and embossing units, we are able to decorate your digital labels so they look right at home beside the finest luxury products.

Blue Label offers a wide variety of foils, from traditional gold and silver to matte black and holographic. Combine this with embossing to create a tactile, three-dimensional experience and the design possibilities are virtually endless.

Combine Versions on the Same Order

As there are no plates in digital printing, our presses can quickly switch from one product variety to the next (of the same size). This allows you to group multiple versions into the same order for combined pricing. From a traditional printer, small quantities quickly become prohibitively expensive. Since you can combine as many versions as you’d like, small quantities become very reasonably priced when combined into a larger order. Our workflow is set up to accommodate wide product lines, so the more products that better.

Choose Blue Label Digital Printing for Your Health and Beauty Labels

As mentioned earlier, these are just a few of the advantages of digital printing for health and beauty brands. Perfect packaging is absolutely critical to succeeding in the market place, and we know that. Contact us to see how we can help on your next packaging project.