Label Design Services

To be completely honest, a label isn’t much without great label design services. With current technology, the ability to print a design is no longer a limitation; the challenge is in taking full advantage of the range of possibilities. From seven color printing, to metallic papers, to custom dies that allow for compelling shapes, there is no limit to the design options. A good graphic designer understands the capabilities of digital printing, and how to deploy them to create compelling designs. Don’t worry, there are plenty of skilled designers out there, in fact we’ve got one on staff in case you need him.

Over the years we’ve had a lot of opportunities to collaborate with our clients to create great labels. Eventually we started offering graphic design as a separate service, and we’ve been busy ever since. If you need a top shelf label design, and need it fast, Blue Label’s Design Studio can help. Our Design Studio specializes in understanding how to optimize design for digital printing, taking full advantage of the technology’s potential. Whether you need a design from scratch, or would like your current artwork to be optimized to it’s full label potential, we can make graphic design easy. Give us a call to set up a meeting, or to request a sample of some of our design work.