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Andrew is an expert in label production and interested in all things packaging design. Maybe you've overheard him at a baseball game, comparing the virtues of different laminates. Or perhaps you've seen him in a bar, craft beer in hand, gesturing wildly as he describes the advantages of liquid-based toner printing. In short, he's not shy about the fact he's a printing nerd.

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Growler Tags: Designs, Styles, and Examples

Beer cans and bottles aren’t the only containers that need to look good for your customers. Growler tags play an important dual role; showcasing your brand and providing key information. Hang tags should be treated with just as much love and care as any other beer labeling. As a digital printing business, we have a few […]

What Makes a Spirit a Craft Spirit?

Over the past few years, one of the fastest growing segments of our business has been craft spirit labels. Some of the best-designed and complex work we’ve done has been for craft distilleries, from Devil’s Head Distilling in Englewood, Colorado to Watershed Distilling in our own backyard. At this point, we are a member of the […]

Craft Spirits Label Design Trends

If you are in the craft spirits industry, you know that the competition has gotten more fierce in recent years. More small brewers and distillers are entering the game, and setting yourself apart is the only way to capture a narrow — but rapidly growing — market. While you have to make a smooth concoction […]

What Makes An Appealing Wine Label?

Many have heard the phrase, “people eat with their eyes.” But did you know that this theory could also be applied to shoppers browsing the wine aisle? Wine labels are an advertisement for shoppers. With hundreds of options in front of the consumer, it is crucial to have a label that stands out. A custom wine […]

The Joy of Sample Printing

When it comes to getting your product to the market, you’ve got to move fast. Materials have been paid for, distribution deals have been negotiated, and customers are waiting. Once you’ve selected your packaging containers and designed artwork for your labels, the last thing on your list is calling up your label printer and placing […]

3 Color Psychology Design Insights to Consider For Your Label

Many people believe that color psychology is a key factor to consider when designing your product’s label. The thought of color experts is that colors have the ability to send messages by influencing consumer’s emotions through a stunning label. When color psychology applied correctly, businesses competitively position themselves in the visual market. Color selection, then, […]