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5 Show-Stopping Custom Beer Cans (Just in Time for Summer)

Summer is around the corner, which means patio sessions and ice-cold cans of your favorite beer. These 5 show-stopping examples of beer packaging are summer-ready and totally Instagram-worthy. Check ‘em out!

Nothing says summer like a can of your favorite beer. But what makes a beer can label truly summer-ready? Here are five of our favorites to get you pumped for the summer sun.

Summer Beer Cans Should Be Bold

Maybee Brew’s Tailwind Session Ale

Photo via @anthonymatheson

Maybee Brew’s Tailwind Session Ale calls for summers on whatever lake, in whatever town, with whoever’s free. The contrasting colors and nautical graphics make this beer can a standout among more traditional packaging designs. If you’re going to have an outstanding summer, you need your beer to look (and taste) the part.

Summer Beer Cans Should Not Be Afraid of Color

North High Brewing Co’s Jalalima Jalapeno Lime Ale

Photo via @unionbarathens

North High Brewing Co’s Jalalima Jalapeno Lime Ale doesn’t skimp on color or flavor. This gorgeous beer can plays on its notes with monochromatic tones and intriguingly bold style. Just like the taste, the beer can is an unexpected, but pleasant surprise.

Summer Beer Cans Should Be Original

Modus Operandi Brewing’s Lost Key XPA

Photo via @hopswiller

Modus Operandi Brewing’s Lost Key XPA is a fearless seasonal beer with an equally bold beer can design. Minimalistic, metallic and unforgettable, this beer can will set your summer off right. The design combines label and screen printing to create a standout can.

Summer Beer Cans Should Be Instagram Worthy

Bronx Brewery Summer Ale

Photo via @thebronxbrewery

Just like your aviators, your bathing suit, or even your summer kicks, your beer can should be ready to get ‘grammed. Bronx Brewery Summer Pale Ale knows that better than anyone. Floating on your flamingo raft, in your hand while sitting poolside, or standing all by its lonesomethis bright blue and gold beer can is screaming to be on your feed. Hashtag summer beers.

Summer Beer Cans Should Speak to You

Photo via @ltcreatures

Little Creatures’ Dog Days Summer Beer is not only a, “amiright?” moment, but has the taste to match. With floral and fruity notes, this beer can and its contents are the perfect cap to your perfect summer day.

There are a lot of ways to create the perfect summer can, and they all begin with a great design. Give us a call at 866-506-2583 or shoot an email to info@bluelabeldigital.com to start planning the perfect summer beer can.