Labeling a Product Line

Label Consistency

Designing a good label is hard. It takes a good concept, an understanding of the technical applications, a good designer, and a printer that can get it all right. But here’s the scary thing, even if you do everything right to create a great label, you could still end up with boxes full of useless packaging. Why? Consistency. Just because a label was right one time doesn’t mean it will be the next. Really, you might be thinking, in the age of the iPhone and Netflix, printers still haven’t figured out how to make labels look the same every time? Well, the answer to that is that some have and some haven’t, and you need to be able to tell the difference. The difference is the process they are using to create the label. Flexographic is an analog process that requires a lot of judgment and ‘eyeballing’ whereas digital printing is, well, digital. Here are the main areas digital printing can help maintain label consistency:

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Labels with QR Codes

Adding Value to Your Label with a QR Code

Guest Post by: Gretchen Ardizzone at Shout Out Studio

Having a well designed, well-executed label is the first step in attracting attention to your product, but there’s an opportunity for your label to do more. If you want to communicate the added value of your product, you might consider a QR code. QR (quick response) codes aren’t the newest technology to hit the market. In fact, the two dimensional barcodes have been around for almost twenty years. But we’ve seen them more (both good and bad) in the last few years in attempts to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace. When applied thoughtfully, they can provide their benefits.

Some people think the primary use of a QR code is a good way to direct consumers to your website. Not entirely. The reality is that your web address can just as easily be printed on your label, and if a consumer wants to visit your website before or after purchase, they’ll likely do it anyhow. The first question to ask is how engaging is your website? If you’re driving traffic there, it’s crucial that there’s something there to engage them. If it’s just basic company information and where to find your product (which they just did), you might want to reconsider.

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wine label printing

Digital Printing for Wine Labels

How much do you know about your wine label? Do you know who designed it? Probably. Where it was produced? Most likely. What type of equipment produced it? Maybe not.

It’s a question you’d hardly think to ask, what type of printing is this? But the answer could make a huge difference to your bottom (or top) line. The type of printing you use could be impacting the quality, cost, and design of your label, without you ever knowing.

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How to Select a Label Printer

You need labels. The product has been perfected, now it’s just a matter of getting some labels for the container, shouldn’t be too difficult right? Well, it all depends on your approach. As someone who deals with a lot of people in need of labels, I’ll do my best to simplify your search into three steps aimed to help you select a label printer. Read more