An assortment of paper rolls for paper wine labels.

New Tricks for an Old Material: The Ongoing Paper Label Trend for Wine Bottles

Even an old business can learn new tricks. Paper wine labels have been a staple in the industry since the Persian empire. While these labels were necessary for detailing the many varieties of wine available, modern wine labels have another major purpose: to attract buyers.

Paper labels have maintained a close connection to wine bottles for centuries, both literally and figuratively. While different label materials have their advantages, paper maintains a classic look and feel that’s tied to the long history of winemaking. Of course, as wine label packaging changes, so too must the humble paper label. Here are some ways that wineries are wowing customers through paper labels.
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Image of wine label printing capabilities for wineries and vineyards.

How Three Wineries Used Wine Labels to Tell Their Stories

A good wine label does more than just provide customers with a brand name and basic information. Each label can tell the story of your winery, providing a first impression that allows buyers to get a good feeling about your product.

At Blue Label, we’ve worked with several wineries to print custom labels that combine form and function in many ways. Here are three wineries that used custom wine labels to tell specific stories about their products.

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Not Your Grandma’s Wine Label

Grandma taught you a lot about life, undoubtedly: The Golden Rule, the value of a dollar, and the importance of a home cooked meal for one. All of those lessons are truly timeless and have probably helped you in a number of ways. What’s not timeless? Grandma’s design taste.

How to you keep up with increased demand for wine and make sure your wine stands out? Your best bet is a modern, high quality wine label. That’s right, Grandma’s wine labels are old news. Here’s how to stay ahead of the game.
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What Makes An Appealing Wine Label?

Many have heard the phrase, “people eat with their eyes.” But did you know that this theory could also be applied to shoppers browsing the wine aisle? Wine labels are an advertisement for shoppers. With hundreds of options in front of the consumer, it is crucial to have a label that stands out.

A custom wine label is a winery’s best selling tool. Our mission is to help you create an eye-catching and memorable wine label that will further your company’s success. Effective designs attain an understanding of the product, the company and the consumer. When designing your custom wine label, we believe the following three elements will help in producing a stunning label.

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5 Ways to Create a Standout Wine Label

You hear the phrase “stand out on the shelf” an awful lot if you produce and sell wine. It’s a competitive industry and many consumers make their purchasing decisions based on packaging. So what does standing out on the shelf actually mean for a winery? It means an eye catching, engaging label that represents your brand. Here a five ways to design a wine label that sets itself apart from the competition.

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