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Embossed Labels

Make an Impression with Label Embossing

When deciding on creative options for your labels, your choices aren’t as limited as you think. There’s more to designing a label than just colors, text style, and size. If you truly want your labels to stand out, give them some added flair with embossing. Embossing is the process of pressing an image into the label material, which makes the image rise above the rest of the label.

Embossing can give your products a high-quality, sophisticated look. This makes them a great option for a variety of products and applications, including wine labelsspecialty food labels, and even health and beauty labels. No matter your industry, custom embossed labels could be the right solution for you and Blue Label Digital Printing is ready to help you get started.

Why Work with Blue Label for Custom Embossed Labels?

We’ll work with you to unlock design options you never thought were possible with embossing. We have the expertise and tools you need to develop high-quality embossed labels.

Do you have an idea of what you want your labels to look like? If you haven’t considered embossing, or you’re unsure how it’ll look, we’re here to guide you through the process. We work directly with you to determine which materials are ideal and how your container will affect the final product. Our goal is to make the label creation process as simple and stress free as possible, allowing you to make the most important decisions.

Custom embossed labels are meant to impress. When you’re ready to learn more about our embossed finishing capabilities, contact us to talk to one of our experts about how we can bring your labels to life.