Devil’s Head Distillery

Devil’s Head Distillery in Englewood, Colorado does things right. They make 100% of their spirits on site at their distillery. They use natural ingredients to create small batch, high quality spirits from scratch. Devi’s Head produces several types of spirits, gin, vodka, and aquavit that all bear the distinctive ‘devil’s head’ logo.

Blue Label Digital Printing was able to execute Devil’s Head’s vision for their design. Each type of spirit had a different colored label, all pulled together by the black skull in the background. Blue Label used hot stamp foil to create a glossy skull background, and digital printing to create the vibrant product names. The result is a colorful, carefully branded product line that succeeds in differentiating the spirits while communicating a consistent brand to the consumer. If you find yourself in Colorado, be sure to stop by their tasting room and pick some up for yourself.

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