Candle Labels

You’ve worked tirelessly to create a line of candles with unique scents, high-quality materials, and a strong brand. Only one thing is missing:  a label that perfectly represents what your brand is about. Well-designed and high-quality candle labels are crucial to the success of a candle brand. Candle labels not only have to stand out on the store shelf, they also have to look good in the customer’s home. Candle labels need an adhesive that isn’t affected by the heat of the candle itself and doesn’t peel off over time. You need a partner that has experience, that’s where Blue Label Digital Printing can help.

Why Choose Blue Label Digital for Your Candle Labels?

Blue Label Digital Printing has helped dozens of candle brands create outstanding packaging. We have a huge selection of high-quality materials, decoration options, and we work with a network of talented designers that can make your vision a reality. Our HP Indigo printing presses ensure perfectly matched color across all of your products. Since everything is done digitally, you can mix and match different scents all within the same order.