Tamper Seals

Tamper seals, also known as tamper bands or cross strips, are an important part of packaging design. Tamper seals come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, from simple bands across the top of a bottle to complete wraps of a lid, and everything in between. Many brands use them in combination with custom containers and their bottle or jar labels to create a fully-designed high end appearance.

From functional to decorative, tamper seals are an important part of packaging. Tamper seals appear on a huge array of products, from fine bourbons to hand creams. Many high-end craft spirits use tamper seals to create a distinctive, complex packaging solution. Tamper seals also appear on many special edition or limited release beers, creating an eye-catching that stands out on the shelf. Specialty food products, from jams to BBQ sauces to spices, use tamper seals to convey the quality of the contents within.

Why Choose Blue Label Digital for Your Tamper Seals?

It is important that your tamper seal is an exact match and compliment to the rest of product packaging. Blue Label Digital Printing has a huge selection of tamper seal sizes and shapes and can create a die for any size you design. Our large selection of materials and adhesives allow you to design a seal that perfectly aligns with your overall package.

Blue Label can also hot foil stamp and emboss to create a more complex, premium effect. Since tamper seals are printed with the same HP Indigo print engines we use to create the labels themselves, the colors will be an exact match, so no need to worry about mismatched Pantone colors or foil on the same product.