UV Coating

Protect Your Label with UV Coating

You set out with a fantastic vision of your custom labels in your mind. You work with a company to design and develop the labels, and finally they’re applied to your products. After some time, however, the images and colors on the labels begin to fade. Frustration ensues, and you find yourself wishing you’d done something to protect your labels.

What could you have done? UV coating may be the answer. This process involves varnishing printed labels with a UV coating to protect them from the elements. This helps protect the colors and images on your labels to keep them from fading and lasting longer.

So, how does UV coating work? A UV coating fluid, which is a liquid combination developed by a UV light, is placed onto the surface of the label sheet as a protecting “shield”. It works by enhancing and protecting the printed image on the label. Never worry about your labels fading from the sun or other environmental factors. Just as you would apply sunscreen to protect your skin, turn to UV coating lamination to protect your labels.

Choose Blue Label Digital Printing for UV Coating

We have the expertise and tools you need to develop high-quality labels with UV coating. Some of the advantages we offer include:

• A network of designers
• No minimum order size
• Variety of materials and adhesives
• Fast turnarounds
• Small run labels
• Excellent service

So, are you unsure what to do next? If you haven’t considered UV coating, or you’re unsure how it’ll look, we’re here to help. You can expect a laid-back, collaborative relationship when you team up with Blue Label Digital Printing, and we’ll keep the process as simple as possible. So don’t worry, we’ll be there to provide as much guidance as you need throughout the entire process.

Are you ready to see how UV coating can improve your custom labels? Let’s get started. Contact us for more information today.